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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
112043458312612252627185120*Naveen VinodHectorville2017/2018Beastwear A2 Grade1 1Pembroke OS
2118116432912612252627185118Daniel HarperHectorville2017/2018Beastwear A2 Grade1 1Pembroke OS
3787535041261225273033378Benjamin I DegasperisHectorville2017/2018Under 15 North Division 23 1Modbury (2)
4747447501261225273033074Alex F Van der HaakHectorville2017/2018Under 15 North Division 22 1Ingle Farm (2)
5664383431261225262732166Harshil S ShahHectorville2017/2018B2 Grade1 1Ingle Farm District
661915871261225262734161*Chris IngramHectorville2017/2018B2 Grade4 1Trinity College Old Scholars
7614383431261225262733361Harshil S ShahHectorville2017/2018B2 Grade3 1Hope Valley
85912737341261225262732859Promodya FernandoHectorville2017/2018B2 Grade2 2Old Ignatians
9569081161261225273033356Bea u WellsHectorville2017/2018Under 15 North Division 23 1Modbury (2)
105411643291261225262720354Daniel HarperHectorville2017/2018Beastwear A2 Grade4 1Pooraka
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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